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The Shanghai International Airport Hotel (Shanghai Guoji Jichang Binguan) stands adjacent to the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.
Guests will find a variety of rooms with sound systems and mini-bars. Check-in for some China Eastern Airline flights can be dealt with in the hotel. Guests can also view departures and arrivals schedules on TV monitors in the lobby.[View Detail]    

住客评论 2908条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • gracielee
    The room is a bit old, some taste, breakfast very good, can see the flight attendants.
  • feicui
    Older hotels, Japanese-style decoration
  • Elaine87
    Pick up, drop off, the service was good. breakfast at 5:30, very suitable for those who start early. worthy of Japanese hotels, rooms are very legitimate and warm. price a good deal or free upgrade to double room. great, highly recommended.
  • emilyxw2763
    Room had a musty, pulpy Concierge service, Airport pick up service with hotel service very good!
  • andy12410
    Old hotel facilities, but is near the airport, the same room is not can better a hotel near the airport, services can also, if requirements are not very demanding. the hotels near the airport
  • aload
  • doris39
    ... Would choose to stay at this hotel next time. over the years the usual alternative hotel, everything is more comfortable and at ease, and also understand the customer's needs. breakfast has received great acclaim.
  • yang007631
    Hotel management is very detailed, the environment can also, morning, breakfast was good
  • xxwwsmile
    Hotel is easier to Japanese... Rainbow Bridge T1 is easy to use, also can be used in a good... airport road construction in the distant station, taxi is a little difficult and...
  • SusannaTang
    Beautiful surroundings, close to airport, every time I'm preferred!
  • magic2005918
    Well, transport, the environment did not have to say, not in a hurry next time enjoy this too
  • e01646286
    Hotels near HongQiao Terminal first, travel by plane is very convenient!
  • lolitong
    Very convenient, very good! the next time you need will stay!
  • anewei88
    ... Would choose to stay at this hotel again. away from HongQiao airport, domestic travel is convenient to the airport, you can get some good rest. breakfast was great, good location and choose the main reason.
  • audifp1
    Hotel facilities: the refrigerator is not plugged in, when I thought it was bad. Reasonable prices, the edge is the Bank of China is easy. But more difficult to take a taxi, especially after dinner return when airport queue does not let me ride by taxi in the taxi, which under the hope that imports would improve.
  • tsuisoft
    Airport shuttle service is convenient for elderly people to live at home more secure
  • luojinxin
    Old hotels, Japanese-style, not luxurious, but very delicate. breakfast can still see Japan stewardess.
  • George shengnuo
    From the airport terminal near every half hour shuttle, convenient
  • alison()
    Older hotel, time for a renovation. I got a room on the second floor where you couldn't open a window. Room was smelly. Reasonable breakfast. Next to T1, walk over in 5 minutes. Take shuttle bus to/from T2
  • dignie
    Good! mainly catch early flights very convenient!
  • danly765084954
  • agred123
    Good location, room facilities very good service
  • Eileenpeng
    This stay is satisfactory, rooms are not great, stay very comfortable, bed was comfortable, restaurant is very nice, rich and delicious, is a bit expensive, others are pretty good!
  • emy_lee08
    Booking for the guest, has always been our hotel. Nice, breakfast was delicious.
  • lijian517
    Good breakfast
  • ljl0619
    From the airport, very close to the station, very convenient!
  • sylar112
    Hotel is very old room space is very small, and ventilation is poor, room is very narrow. Front desk staff indifference. Catering dishes taste good, service was good.
  • beyond147
    Which is very nice
  • ali1986
    Aircraft seriously late, at 3 o'clock in the morning, but the hotel pick up soon. Zambia, breakfast is OK, you can dine with many flight attendants girls,
  • cwy_nb
    Make agreements with companies House are not the same.
  • dida119
    Quite satisfied with the leadership, most notably is close to airport and free shuttle service, this service is good, very good
  • alanmaggie
    Room was small, towels of the room as well as a human, I just threw him on the ground, well, bring your own towels! six points to breakfast, breakfast staff, chatting, and particularly, to breakfast guests completely ignored, there is no service!
  • farall
    Good hotel, national exhibition centre and the airport have coaches, no legendary variety for breakfast, but it can also, next select here!
  • e03941619
    Good, turn around
  • jiajia66966
    Breakfast starts early is good, but room is too dirty, old, and people with high requirements on facilities carefully select, not worth the price
    Choice hotel, it feels good!
  • e01203566
    Hotel was very clean, and a complimentary airport shuttle, is recommended.
  • wangmuen
    All right
  • mia2001
    Location of Hao, hotel pick up service, which is good, but problem is the bathroom, no sewer, this should improve, take a bath, toilet water, there is a need to improve, others are also good
  • Nica9
    Hotel location away from 1th, Terminal floor and Metro station on 10 minutes away, pretty near of. Hotel may has a time has, but facilities not explicit old, health very good. Special worth recommended of is, hotel of catering good, breakfast very good, varieties compared more, Western. I most like of also is they through of porridge, stick heavy very, dip Shang fermented bean curd, most delicious. Chinese of Mei dried burn meat absolute is outside coke in tender, sweet crisp tasty. Although in airport side Shang, surface towards road, but staticSound effects are very good. well, very tired, is the hotel where I lived one of the most comfortable beds. Only downside is that several big sister a smile on his face and no staff, very cold.
  • atenn
    To generally choose to live in Shanghai hotels. convenient traffic, into and out of Shanghai, arrived in Shanghai late at night there is airport shuttle bus safety received hotels, especially likes to take a lady friend to night flights.
  • patty520202
    Turn or go by train is very convenient. Location excellent. Other environments with rooms General
  • morimori
    Hotels in outdated equipment. towels are broken, slow network. the hotel decoration
  • bloodwolf4177
    Very well, be they environmental comfort and service
  • e00153715
    That's good
  • caijinwu
    Although hotels and some old, but more hygienic.
  • jwai12
    Bus to the Terminal, breakfast also good, staff very professional. but the room is tight, old facilities.
  • e04527266
    Shanghai hotels, price and quality do not in proportion, don't expect too high. the room is too small, there is only one free bottle of mineral water, less TV, although Japanese management, and Japan than the gap is too big!
  • icetiger
    The hotel is very good! I! is already booked for the third time. great location, Japanese-style service, pick up drop off is also very good!
  • angelegg
    Really good